HAPPY HOLIDAYS, I am very happy with all the support I have received from you this last year, you really do not know how happy you make me with all your comments and with all those likes that you give me, in gratitude for all that wave of love towards the channel I wanted to make a mix of all my projects of the year, and I will never tire of thanking all of you for the love and support, THANK YOU VERY MUCH ….

After moving our family of 5 to our forever home and property, we got to work right away on renovating this late 90s early 2000s builder grade fixer upper. We’ve tackled small refreshes, organization projects as well as bigger tasks the biggest of all being this previously flooded kitchen that needed a bit more than just TLC.

In the first episode of our kitchen remodel, we shared the big stuff- completely gutting and stripping down the space to the bare bones and subfloor. The mold drama, getting our new cabinets and flooring installed as well as a big unexpected change we made along the way.

It’s been a bit of a roller coast and it’s not over yet. In this video we’re sharing the final touches and last few projects we have to complete this space and take the next step on the journey of taking this place from HOUSE TO HOME.

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